How do you keep jewelry making creativity flowing when you encounter creative block? If you’ve ever crafted artistic jewelry in quantities enough to stock an arts and craft show booth, you know how difficult it can be to come up with fresh design ideas.
It’s okay to turn to those glossy jewelry magazines for ideas every once in a while. You can take a class at a bead shop where everybody else will use the exact same materials to create the exact same jewelry. If you get really desperate for ideas, you can always stroll the aisles of an arts and craft show, scan someone’s work and ‘borrow’ their ideas. But if you are a true artist your conscience won’t allow you to do that.

Jewelry Designs Come When They Want to
You can try to force it, but jewelry designs don’t come when you summon them. They pop into your head when you’re driving down the street or talking on the phone. Or even deep in sleep. Jewelry making ideas come in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning when you wake up. Because creativity is illusive and fleeting, ideas come when you are in the middle of something else. It’s up to you to capture them right away or perhaps lose them forever.

You must seize the idea the moment it dances across your mind. For maximum creativity, you must develop discipline enough to record your ideas in a design diary, the sooner the better. It will save you lots of time and effort in the long run. Your diary doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple little notebook small enough to carry wherever you go. It can be a pocket or purse-sized drawing pad or a spiral notebook to capture that great idea before it gets away.

Do A Quick Sketch-
If an Idea comes to you when you’re driving down the street; first pull the car over, then grab a pencil and your design diary to do a quick sketch. It’s okay If you don’t have museum caliber drawing abilities. Make it a line drawing, enough to convey your basic idea, then list the metals, the beads, the colors, the dimensions. Write down your concept in words detailed enough to bring back the vision you had when the idea first came to you. Write down the details.

Some of your best ideas will come to you in a dream or first thing in the morning when you’re somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. Keep a little notebook within reach, record your ideas and you’ll never be out of ideas. When you sit down to work on jewelry, you need only flip through your designs to find one that suits your creative mood.

Keep Your Creative Edge
It’s easy to lose your creative edge; but your design diary ideas can provide the motivation you need to work through your creative block and get you back on track. Instead of giving in to frustration or abandoning your work to prance in the park or stare at the television for hours on end, you will have a source of inspiration. The fabulous ideas you capture in your design diary might otherwise have become forgotten bits of inspiration had you not seized them the moment they came to you.