Stay Tuned For The Artsy/Funky Jewelry Show
Think of your jewelry as a TV show. First recall your favorite television shows and remember why you’ve watched what you’ve watched over the years. You know the characters by name, Earl and Raymond and Lucy and Superman, Columbo and Meredith Grey. You tune in to the right channel at the right time, depending on your mood. When you’re watching television, you check the TV Guide in search of the theme that suits your mood and that’s what you turn to.

Think of your arts and craft booth as your very own television show and your jewelry as having the funny or abstract or whimsically fresh theme that brings the customer back time and again.

What is your theme?
If your pieces get compliments whenever the customer wears them, if people know your jewelry even if you’re nowhere around, you can bet they will think of you the next time they happen to be at your arts and crafts event. But what do you do to get them to come looking for you at the next event? How do you encourage your customers to think about you when they want something different?

If you work with the theme they’re looking for, a consistent set of ideas and concepts you have in mind when you sit down to create, people will remember you as the jewelry making friend who will have exactly what they need.

Who are you anyway?
Your body of work, the things you are compelled to create again and again, shouldn’t come from a magazine, or a book or from someone else’s head, they should come from you, whoever you are. So who are you?

Of course you know who you are, but have you ever thought about your creative self enough to commit it to paper? Enough to think about it every time you sit down to make jewelry or stand in a booth at an arts and crafts show to sell what you’ve made? Do you think of who you are every time someone asks, ‘Who’s the artist?’ If you don’t, you need your own theme. It’s an idea that may sound a bit silly, gimmicky perhaps, but try it anyway.

Make a list your favorite things
To figure out your theme, who you are, compile a list of the things you like. Teddy bears, lady bugs, babies, fairies, cars, angels, flowers, hearts, love, religion, war, peace, War amp; Peace. You get the idea. Whenyou’re done listing all the things that come to mind, narrow it down to one thing. Let’s say lady bugs because you see yourself as the whimsical type. This is merely an exercise, but if you are one of those people who can’t make a single choice or simply must have more than one theme, think of two things. You can change them whenever you want

Are you the girl who absolutely loves the poem, Lady bug, lady bug, fly away home…. Do you see lady bugs as feminine and wild? Sexy even, at times? Do your friends and family buy you red and black polka-dotted gifts, sweaters with a feminine and slightly hokey look with lady bugs embroidered on the sleeves. It’s obvious you are a Lady bug lover. Lady bugs are the perfect theme for you.

Do you have a collection of angels. Are you drawn to angels wherever you go. Then angels are the theme for you. Or perhaps teddy bears. I’m The Nice Lady and my Woman, Heart and Child-themed jewelry, my poetry, my quirky display pieces in my art show booths scream out loudly, “Welcome to The Nice Lady Show.” You can be The Lady Bug Lady or The Angel Lady, calling on red and black polka dots and lady bugs or wings and angels as your working theme, the thing you think about when you sit down to create. Don’t worry if you don’t warm up to the first theme you come up with, you can always find another.

Now Make a list of the activities you love to do
Those television shows had a point. The same silly characters were on each week but doing different things, otherwise who would watch? Your theme should work the same way. What activities do you love, skating, dancing, singing or playing baseball? To come up with jewelry ideas, combine your ‘thing’ from the first list with an activity from the activities list, for example, lady bugs dancing, angels singing or teddy bears playing baseball; and you could generate enough design ideas to last a year of two.

-Give me five reason why I might need a theme-
I’ll give you six-

1-Your theme can be you, the concept or ideas you return to time and time again when you create your jewelry. With themes to fall back on, the ideas keep coming.

2-Your theme will become part of your creative process, nudging you to productivity.

3-When creative block strikes, you can think DANCING LADY BUGS, which will not only make you smile, but it can also be the key to creating something instead of nothing.

4-At arts and craft shows, you can talk about your themes as part of your ‘Process.’ That will make you sound like the artsy type you truly are deep inside and give you something to say to customers besides, ‘How do you do today?’

5-People will come to your booth because you are the person who has at least a few pieces of lady bug or fairy or teddy bear jewelry in addition to all the other things you do.

6-It’s better to be known for something then to be known for nothing in particular.

Beaders need themes too.
As a bead artist you may create from a theme, interpreting it however you decide. You may use color combinations or abstract configurations or work from your own patterns. As a beader you may buy beads compatible with your theme, black and red lady bug beads or white angel pendants if that is your choice.