For many years tattoos and scarification have been popular in tribes throughout the world, and more recently much of this body art has began to seep into the traditions of modern day human life. Although tattoos and scarification are not usually considered a traditional aspect of everyday life in the United States they have become increasingly popular throughout the country. Now, even more radical is the newest design style for the human body-body modification.
Body modification is the adaptation of one’s own body into something that it wasn’t before. Body modification comes in all sorts of styles and sizes with some modifications being far more radical than others. It is not uncommon today to see someone with a form of body modification when you are out for a night on the town and the real question is-how much is too much?

Implants: Many people today have resorted to placing items beneath the skin to create a raised effect on the body. Implants range in size and structure from small round pegs to large pointed triangle type shapes. Some people even have implant surgery on their heads to allow them to change the type of fashion statement that they make on a daily basis. Small treading type bolts are placed underneath the skin on the skull and then different items are able to be screwed into the threading to create different looks.

Tongue Splitting: Tongue splitting is the splitting of the tongue directly down the middle. The tongue is actually sliced with a scalpel down the middle of it and essentially when it heals the tongue becomes two. Unfortunately body modification such as tongue splitting is not performed by a licensed professional such as a doctor and often times the modification does not work the way it is planned. Tongue splitting often causes the tongue to heal back together and the body modifier will re-split the tongue again at a later date to attempt the modification again. This means double the pain for the person getting the tongue modified.

Other Modifications: There are hundreds of other types of body modifications that are being performed by humans every day. The splitting of the tongue and implants under the skin are just two of the most popular types of new age body modification that are seen today. Depending on the person and their imagination hundreds of different and unforeseen modifications of the human body can be made. What is common to the human eye is no longer common these days!