Designing Handcrafted Jewelry Using a Theme

Stay Tuned For The Artsy/Funky Jewelry Show Think of your jewelry as a TV show. First recall your favorite television shows and remember why you’ve watched what you’ve watched over the years. You know the characters by name, Earl and Raymond and Lucy and Superman, Columbo and Meredith Grey. You Read More

Jewelry Making Ideas: Your Jewelry Design Diary

How do you keep jewelry making creativity flowing when you encounter creative block? If you’ve ever crafted artistic jewelry in quantities enough to stock an arts and craft show booth, you know how difficult it can be to come up with fresh design ideas. It’s okay to turn to those Read More

Intelligent Design in the Classroom

I’m not so sure that even God would want intelligent design taught in our nation’s science classes. Why? First, let’s look at it from a practical matter. There is no science in Intelligent Design. No theory, no experiment conducted, and certainly no body of work to show that intelligent design Read More

Body Modification: a New Age Design for the Human Body

For many years tattoos and scarification have been popular in tribes throughout the world, and more recently much of this body art has began to seep into the traditions of modern day human life. Although tattoos and scarification are not usually considered a traditional aspect of everyday life in the Read More